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Great visit
Jag and Kal were great to deal with! Both were professional and helped me every step of the way when I purchased my new vehicle. I would recommend these guys for sure.
Great helpful personel
Everything went like clockwork from the pickup at ferry terminal to meeting with pete olson at dealership and finalizing the deal many thanks mike walter
Best experience with a dealership
Best experience ive had with a car dealership, i felt connected with the people i had the pleasure of working with, very kind and accommodating really felt like they wanted to help me get a good deal.
Outstanding Dealership and People
Top notch Professionalism and Courtesy displayed by everyone involved in my deal, would recommend to anyone without hesitation, could not be happier with this Outstanding Dealership and People!!
First Time Purchase
As first time new car purchasers, my fiancé and I were delighted with the experience of purchasing our new 2018 Ford Escape. Peter made us feel at ease, and let us see a variety of vehicles, even going as far as pulling them out of their parking spots to let us see each and every car in a bit more open area. Peter was kind, light-hearted and didn’t make us feel pressured into making any decisions. He was up front about the previous ownership of the vehicle we decided on, and even printed off the reports for us to keep. When we had further questions, he brought Wes over to meet with us and discuss the vehicle further. It was so nice, being first time buyers, to have a pressure-free and up front conversation about our new purchase. We highly recommend Peter, and the entire Key West team, to help you find your new vehicle!
Best Deal Ever
Friendly people,they set me up with a very nice deal! I‘m able to get everything done in one day!I would go to these guys again
Great Experience, Great Deal!
We arrived just before the dealership was to open and Jag came out and welcomed us in and helped us immediately. He quickly located the vehicle we were looking at and brought it to us. Jag was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. We decided on the vehicle and we worked out a great deal. I also wanted to send a thank-you to Ivan and Gurj! Overall we are very happy with our vehicle, very happy with our deal and extremely satisfied with our overall experience. I would have no problem recommending Jag and Key West Ford!
Exactly the vehicle we were looking for
Robert was extremely knowledgeable and personable from the first phone call to his most recent follow up call. We had done our research and were looking for a specific Ford F150 that could pull our fifth wheel trailer. Robert listened carefully and suggested that we come in and see the one used vehicle that met our criteria. Never pushy but friendly and excellent at his job. Wanted to make the deal but willing to negotiate and make sure that we satisfied with the process. Highly recommend Robert to any of my friends and thanks for making the buying experience pleasurable.
Great Experience
We recently purchased a new Ford Escape and were impressed with the friendly and courteous service. Lino and Wes were very helpful and knowledgeable. They patiently and confidently answered our many questions and guided us through the process with ease. Thank you also to Jeff who promptly assisted us when we returned the next day with a couple of questions when Lino and Wes were not available. Overall, we appreciated the attentive service from all staff from our initial visit through the financing and insurance.
INFINITI Vehicle Consumer Reviews For Seattle, Bellevue, And Tacoma Washington
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INFINITI does it as well as anyone in the auto world and the 2016 Q50 3.0t Sport is a testament to that. This is a crossover that wows with a potent engine and sensational safety features that work to keep you and your passengers safe.

One of the most technologically significant inclusions in the Q50 is Backup Collision Intervention. This leverages radar technology to promote the detection of other vehicles that may be approaching to the rear and sides of your car. If the system senses that a collision may occur, it can autonomously step in and take control of the INFINITI, helping to prevent a crash. Also noteworthy on this machine is the inclusion of front fog lights and heated side-view mirrors which serve to increase visibility.

The 2016 INFINITI Q50 3.0t Sport comes ready and raring with an amazing engine, too. The 3.0L V6 motor pushes out 300 horses at 6,400 revolutions per minute (RPM) and 295-lb.-ft. of torque at 1,600 RPM. This makes for a wickedly fun drive down the roads of Renton and Seattle!

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The crossover craze not really your thing? Why not get behind the wheel of one of INFINITI’s stirring and sporty two-door coupes? Today, let’s take a tour of the 2014 Q60 Journey, a performance-focused machine that’s also filled with luxury refinements. You’re going to love it!

This car comes with a superb 3.7L six-cylinder engine that produces a thrilling 330 HP at 7,000 revolutions per minute (RPM) and 270-lb.-ft. of torque at 5,200 RPM. The INFINITI DriverSport mode is featured, too, and it enables you to choose between a manual-like operation and traditional automatic transmission controls at the drop of a hat. All in all, you’re getting 
magnificent performance.

The 2014 INFINITI Q60 Journey doesn’t stop there, though. It has dual-zone climate control to heat/cool both sides of the cabin to the occupants’ exact specifications. Also, passengers are pampered with supple leather seats throughout; the cushions are heated in the front, too!

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If you’re a fan of INFINITI or even completely new to the brand, we think the 2014 Q60 Journey will profoundly tickle your fancy. This is a lavish, sporty two-door coupe that will win you over with its performance and its variety of amenities.

Let’s talk first about arguably the most important thing in a two-door machine… its engine! This machine pours it on with a sensational 3.7L six-cylinder that kicks out 330 horses at 7,000 revolutions per minute (RPM) and 270-lb.-ft. of torque at 5,200 RPM. Bolstering this performance is the INFINITI DriverSport mode, which enables the driver to select between automatic-like driving and manual-
esque handling on the fly.

The 2014 INFINITI Q60 Journey further delights thanks to passenger-pampering features. For example, the seats throughout the entire cabin are clad in supple leather while the cushions in the front are also heated for your comfort. Dual-zone climate control keeps both sides of the vehicle happy by allowing each to set their own temperature preferences, too. Ready to discover more about this tantalizing machine?

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If you’re looking for something incredibly sporty and fun to drive, the 2016 Q50 3.0t Sport should be right up your alley. If, however, you’re endeavoring to add a refined machine with smart technology to your garage… well, this INFINITI should also do the trick. It has its bases covered!

This car will dazzle you with its spectacular performance. It comes packed with a 3.0L six-cylinder engine that creates a stellar 300 HP at 6,400 revolutions per minute (RPM) and 295-lb.-ft. of torque at 1,600 RPM. You’ll be flying down the roads of Renton, Tacoma, and Bellevue!

This 2016 INFINITI Q50 3.0t Sport delivers a sensational in-cabin experience. Its front fog lights help you see even in “pea soup” conditions; greater visibility is also granted by the heated side-view mirrors. Additionally, there’s Backup Collision Intervention. It employs radar technology and uses it to enable the detection of other automobiles to the side and back of your machine. If it believes a collision may occur, it can autonomously take control to help prevent a crash.

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Luxury coupes have rarely reached the pinnacle this INFINITI machine has! Seriously—if you’re enamored by sporty two-door machines, you’ll adore the exciting performance and lavish amenities provided by this 2014 Q60 Journey.

Hop in and make sure you strap your seatbelt on tightly, because this auto will wow you! It is equipped with a stellar 3.7L V6 motor that produces 330 HP at 7,000 revolutions per minute (RPM) and 270-lb.-ft. of torque at 5,200 RPM. Further, you have the boon of the INFINITI DriverSport mode. This enables the switching between automatic handling to a manual-like driving variant on-the-fly, allowing you to choose how the car operates.

The 2014 INFINITI Q60 Journey is filled with premium refinements. You’re bound to appreciate the dual-zone climate control and leather seats; the former affords each side of the cabin to select their own temperature preferences, while the latter keeps you toasty in the winter. Also, the side-view mirrors are heated to improve visibility by breaking up ice and snow covering the glass.

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If you’ve been disheartened by the performance of your current vehicle, we’d argue it’s far past time to “get back in the saddle” again, isn’t it, Tacoma? There’s arguably no better time to go car shopping than the holiday season and, if you’re searching for a speedy and well-outfitted luxury coupe, it’s hard to go wrong with the sophisticated 2014 INFINITI Q60 Journey.

This car will be a thrill ride every time you take it out of the garage and onto the roads of Renton, Seattle, and Tacoma. It’s packed with a spirited 3.7L V6 engine that pumps out 330 HP at 7,000 revolutions per minute (RPM) and 270-lb.-ft. of torque at 5,200 RPM. That’s 
stellar power that’s complemented by INFINITI’s DriverSport mode, which grants you the ability to switch from automatic handling to manual-esque operating functionality for a sportier feel.

The 2014 Q60 INFINITI Journey also delivers in other ways. The leather seats are soft yet supportive and are heated for combating the cold of the winter months. Dual-zone climate control also lends a hand as the seasons change and, if it’s truly freezing outside, you’ll appreciate the electronically warmed side exterior mirrors. They clear up icy buildup in a hurry!

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INFINITI USA has been hard at work for years redefining the luxury four-door sedan segment. They’ve made it a space that’s not only about refined interior features; instead, it’s also now expected that these cars move with a barely tamed ferocity, too. The manufacturer has shown through automobiles like the 2016 Q50 3.0t Sport that high speeds can be united with high-class amenities.

In the case of the 2016 Q50 3.0t Sport, let’s begin under the hood. The machine sports a powerful 3.0L V6 engine that pushes out a venerable 300 horses at 6,400 revolutions per minute (RPM) and 295-lb.-ft. of torque at 1,600 RPM. That’s serious performance that’s going to leave an impression on driver and passenger alike.

As you would expect, this sedan is well-rounded. With great acceleration comes the need for smart safety, which is why heated side mirrors and front fog lights are standard. There’s also Backup Collision Intervention, which leverages radar technology to detect when other autos approach from your back or sides. If it senses that a crash may happen, it automatically takes control to prevent such an occurrence.

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Mid-size crossovers have never looked this good, Tacoma. The 2016 QX50 is one of INFINITI USA’s masterpieces. It’s a machine that mates drop-your-jaw performance with save-your-neck safety. It’s primed and ready to become the best automobile you’ve ever owned!

Here’s the word on its engine: it’s spectacular. The 3.7L V6 is dialed in at all times, offering a wonderful 325 HP and 267-lb.-ft. of torque. This power is harnessed effortlessly by the super-smooth seven-speed automatic transmission, ensuring there’s no barrier of entry for those that aren’t familiar with dealing with stick shifts.

The 2016 QX50 is very well-regarded by those who would know. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) awards this machine a five-star rating, which is its highest. The reason? It may be the host of airbags that are set to cushion you in the event of a crash—both seat-mounted and side-curtain inflatables. Or perhaps it’s the electronic stability control, which reads road conditions, determines driver inputs in real-time, and works automatically to mitigate the chances of tire slippage. Whatever the reason, the plaudits for this crossover speak for themselves.

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Welcome back to our consumer reviews section, INFINITI USA lovers! If you’re looking to upgrade your current ride, might we suggest the pre-owned 2016 Q50 3.0t Sport? It’s an amazing vehicle that stuns with bountiful under-the-hood power and a smorgasbord of interior features that are all designed to make your drive better.

Let’s talk about that engine. This Q50 comes stocked with a 3.0L six-cylinder that creates 300 HP
at at 6,400 revolutions per minute (RPM) and 295-lb.-ft. of torque at 1,600 RPM. With that kind of power, you’ll be whipping around the streets of Tacoma and the greater Seattle area with much aplomb.

The 2016 Q50 3.0t Sport is otherwise stacked with sensational inclusions, as well. In particular, this car really does its best to ensure you stay safe. Fog lights help you maintain visibility even when moving through pea-soup-like conditions. The side mirrors are heated in order to dispel of frozen precipitation on the glass. Further, there’s Backup Collision Intervention. It makes use of radar technology to sense when other motorists approach from either side or from the rear. If it determines a collision may be imminent, it can autonomously take over to attempt to prevent it from occurring.

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The 2017 Q60 2.0t looks fast because it is fast, Tacoma. INFINITI USA’s gorgeous coupe is nimble and speedy while still packing in a ton of technology that will make your morning commutes and evening rides a highly enjoyable affair.

When this 
coupe plays a game of “catch me if you can” (great film, by the way), it tends to win pretty effortlessly. It’s hard to keep pace with this machine and its triumphant 2.0L four-cylinder motor—it’s a premium unit that will propel you down the road with purpose. It creates 208 HP at 5,500 revolutions per minute (RPM) and 258-lb.-ft. of torque at 1,500 RPM. Additionally, the presence of a seven-speed automatic transmission ensures all this power is easy to harness and command.

The 2017 Q60 2.0t coupe is luxurious in all the ways you’d expect, too. The leather seats are supple and heated for your comfort in the chillier times of the year, while driver lumbar support is included to benefit your back. Also, dual-zone automatic climate control makes the cabin even more pleasant, and entertainment options are well represented via the center console touchscreen.

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