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Great visit
Jag and Kal were great to deal with! Both were professional and helped me every step of the way when I purchased my new vehicle. I would recommend these guys for sure.
Great helpful personel
Everything went like clockwork from the pickup at ferry terminal to meeting with pete olson at dealership and finalizing the deal many thanks mike walter
Best experience with a dealership
Best experience ive had with a car dealership, i felt connected with the people i had the pleasure of working with, very kind and accommodating really felt like they wanted to help me get a good deal.
Outstanding Dealership and People
Top notch Professionalism and Courtesy displayed by everyone involved in my deal, would recommend to anyone without hesitation, could not be happier with this Outstanding Dealership and People!!
First Time Purchase
As first time new car purchasers, my fiancé and I were delighted with the experience of purchasing our new 2018 Ford Escape. Peter made us feel at ease, and let us see a variety of vehicles, even going as far as pulling them out of their parking spots to let us see each and every car in a bit more open area. Peter was kind, light-hearted and didn’t make us feel pressured into making any decisions. He was up front about the previous ownership of the vehicle we decided on, and even printed off the reports for us to keep. When we had further questions, he brought Wes over to meet with us and discuss the vehicle further. It was so nice, being first time buyers, to have a pressure-free and up front conversation about our new purchase. We highly recommend Peter, and the entire Key West team, to help you find your new vehicle!
Best Deal Ever
Friendly people,they set me up with a very nice deal! I‘m able to get everything done in one day!I would go to these guys again
Great Experience, Great Deal!
We arrived just before the dealership was to open and Jag came out and welcomed us in and helped us immediately. He quickly located the vehicle we were looking at and brought it to us. Jag was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. We decided on the vehicle and we worked out a great deal. I also wanted to send a thank-you to Ivan and Gurj! Overall we are very happy with our vehicle, very happy with our deal and extremely satisfied with our overall experience. I would have no problem recommending Jag and Key West Ford!
Exactly the vehicle we were looking for
Robert was extremely knowledgeable and personable from the first phone call to his most recent follow up call. We had done our research and were looking for a specific Ford F150 that could pull our fifth wheel trailer. Robert listened carefully and suggested that we come in and see the one used vehicle that met our criteria. Never pushy but friendly and excellent at his job. Wanted to make the deal but willing to negotiate and make sure that we satisfied with the process. Highly recommend Robert to any of my friends and thanks for making the buying experience pleasurable.
Great Experience
We recently purchased a new Ford Escape and were impressed with the friendly and courteous service. Lino and Wes were very helpful and knowledgeable. They patiently and confidently answered our many questions and guided us through the process with ease. Thank you also to Jeff who promptly assisted us when we returned the next day with a couple of questions when Lino and Wes were not available. Overall, we appreciated the attentive service from all staff from our initial visit through the financing and insurance.
INFINITI News For Seattle, Tacoma, And Bellevue Washington
sexy 2018 infiniti q60 for sale renton bellevue washingtonWhile the 2018 INFINITI Q60 certainly has a pretty face, there’s so much more than meets the eye to this sexy little sports car. Beyond the surface, this coupe comes available with layers of driver’s aid technologies to ensure you and your passengers’ security.

Nissan’s luxury brand’s comprehensive approach to your wellbeing is known as "The Safety Shield": a full suite of innovative functions helps to protect riders and instill confidence in the operator.

Advanced systems such as Intelligent Cruise Control and Distance Assist work in conjunction with one another. Together, they promote smooth travel and prevent incidents on the highway. Utilizing proprietary sensors on the front bumper of the vehicle, the CPU can monitor the flow of traffic and maintain a determined distance from automobiles ahead — despite the preset speeds on the ICC.

In fact, the Q60 is so intuitive that, without any additional inputs, it will slow or accelerate to match the velocity of other carriers in your lane. Meanwhile, DCA ensures that, no matter how fast you’re going, you never get too close to anyone’s tail.

Want to learn more about this seductive ride’s many hidden talents? Contact our dealership today.

sexy 2018 infiniti q60 for sale bellevue seattle washingtonThe sexy 2018 INFINITI Q60 has a lot of incredible qualities. However, there's one feature, in particular, that’s more often experienced than seen. And it is largely responsible for that pleasurable feeling you get when driving this hot little coupe.

The 3.0-liter V6 motor boasts a direct-injection gasoline fueling method that aids in achieving an engaging operating experience. This advanced technology allows for a more precise delivery of propellant into the combustion chamber. The intelligent mechanisms utilize information about the throttle position and engine speed to produce the exact amount required for smooth acceleration.

However, the results are more than what can be perceived when behind the wheel. In addition to ensuring a flawless ride, the DIG system makes this 300 HP VR30 the cleanest and most economic of its type. Proof of this can be seen both in the 6.7% improvement in fuel conservation over the previous non-turbo model and in the numbers themselves. The Q60 earns 19 MPG in the city and 27 MPG on the highway (for a combined rating of 22 MPG).

Want to learn more? Contact our dealership today to 
come check out what’s under the hood of this provocative sports car.
sexy 2018 infiniti q60 for sale mill creek bellevue washingtonThe 2018 INFINITI Q60 PURE is a lot like the girl next door. Sure, she looks incredible when dressed to the nines (as is evident by the Red Sport 400), but she’s every bit as breathtaking when she’s bare-faced and au naturale.

At its most basic, this coupe’s long list of standard features leaves little to be desired. With a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine, she delivers 208 HP and 258 lb-ft of torque. The direct-injection motor is matched to an automatic seven-speed transmission.

Boasting an impressive stop-start idle system, the Q60 P ensures maximum efficiency in all conditions. Rated to earn 30 MPG on the highway and 22 MPG in the city, this sports car will autonomously cut the ignition when waiting at stop lights or when stuck in standstill traffic.

Additionally, even in its standard form, this two-door is entirely InTouch with your needs. Equipped with the luxury brand’s advanced connection services, you can keep on top of your texts, calls, calendars, navigation, and more. Like a personal concierge, the intelligent CPU is dedicated to your satisfaction.

Want to learn more about this smoke show of a ride? Contact our dealership today.

2018 infiniti q50 for sale in fife washingtonINFINITI has recently announced its plans to build a fleet of plug-in hybrids and fully electric models by 2021. It’s quite a significant challenge, but the Japanese automaker is certainly up for the task.

One of the vehicles that will be evolving over the next three years is the Q50 sedan. Its current rear-wheel drive system is going to be replaced with an electrified AWD powertrain. Innovation is the name of the game with these upcoming changes. Perfectly blending artistry, craftsmanship, and advanced technologies, INFINITI’s new lineup will surely catch the attention of the world.

The 2018 Q50 is already a sophisticated car with lots of cool gadgets and options. Safety features such as blind-spot monitoring, rear cross-traffic alerts, forward collision warning, and automatic emergency braking help to prevent accidents on the road. The rearview camera, navigation, and infotainment interface all operate on dual touchscreen displays. Bluetooth connectivity enables hands-free calling, and you can listen to your favorite songs via the 6-speaker stereo. This luxury five-seater is an ideal choice for people who love to ride in style.

Want to take one out for a spin? Contact our dealership in Fife, Washington to schedule a test drive today!

sexy 2018 infiniti q60 for sale lynnwood bellevue washingtonWe know your inhibitions are likely flying out the door when it comes to the ultra sexy 2018 INFINITI Q60. However, thanks to Intelligent All-Wheel Drive, you never have to worry about losing control.

Now available in all model trims and grade levels, the I-AWD system provides enhanced stability in low-grip conditions. Proprietary sensors (strategically located on the vehicle) monitor the conditions outside and on the pavement. Capable of detecting a loss of traction, the internal CPU will automatically distribute the torque evenly (a 50:50 ratio) between the front and rear wheels. This improves the road-holding quality so that, even when taking corners on the highway, you feel firmly planted on all contact points.

Likewise, with optimal street smarts, the Q60 can also recognize when the extra friction isn’t necessary. In this case, it will revert 100 percent of the power towards the back — essentially turning your performance ride into a true RWD. The best part of all is that this luxury sports car is capable of making all these critical decisions for you. 
So, go ahead, get wild in this hot little coupe. Want to learn more? Contact our dealership today.
2019 infiniti for sale seattle bellevue washingtonAs Nissan’s luxury brand continues to prepare for a future of full EVs, their concept cars have also been developed to match the evolution. Recently unveiled at the 2018 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, the INFINITI Prototype 10 shows a design inspired by high-performance electric motoring.

Featuring clean and uninterrupted surfaces, the low speedster layout boasts confident proportions. A long hood leads to an open 
monoposto cockpit that reaffirms the automaker’s dedication to style; while a dramatic fin behind the seat is an interesting contrast against the subtle rear diffuser — a unit meant to channel wind out from beneath the vehicle. All of these characteristics contribute to an efficient and aerodynamic profile.

The nose of the P10 features distinct creases that run over the front fenders and draw the eye upwards to the center of the hood. Ultra-thin headlights add a sharp, pointed gaze to the fascia. Meanwhile, accenting the silver bodywork, a black chin spoiler sits at the base of the bumper.

With unbroken lines and skyward-facing surfaces, the model takes on a very geometric look. This is intentional and, according to Executive Design Director, Karim Habib the architecture references “the shock of sudden acceleration enabled by a powertrain, which can instantly deliver 100% of available torque with a push of the accelerator pedal.”

Want to learn more? Contact our dealership today.

2018 infiniti q60 for sale in fife washingtonAs a follow-up to last year’s 40s-inspired EV racer, the INFINITI Prototype 10 will be making its debut appearance at Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. As a sleek, one-seat speedster, this model might just be the coolest concept car to date.

Using the powertrain from the 2018 Nissan Leaf, this futuristic model is designed with a chin spoiler on the front bumper that generates significant downforce. Coupled with a flat belly, these styling elements optimize aerodynamics. There is also an upgraded cooling duct that keeps the battery from overheating.

INFINITI has vowed to offer a hybrid or EV version of every vehicle in its lineup by 2021. That’s quite a feat!  With an innovative mindset for blending artistry and craftsmanship with advanced technology, the Japanese automaker plans to surpass the bar for excellence.

If you don’t want to wait, consider slipping behind the wheel of a new 2018 Q60. This luxury coupe is powered by a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that generates a whopping 208 hp and 258 pound-feet of torque. It’s contemporary style and sexy curves make it a great choice for people looking for a head-turner.

Contact our dealership in Fife, Washington to schedule a test drive today!

sexy 2018 infiniti q60 for sale redmond bellevue washingtonFor those looking to take their love of driving to the next level, commit to the ultra sexy 2018 INFINITI Q60. Not only will this alluring ride fully satisfy what may once have been a wandering eye, but its security technologies will also inspire confidence. You might say that it’s the total coupe package.

For starters, Active Lane Control runs in conjunction with a Departure Prevention function. Together, these systems utilize sensors on the underbody of the carriage to monitor markings on the pavement. 
The LDP system works by detecting when the Q60 strays from its course without the use of a signal light. In this situation, the intelligent CPU will alert the operator of their missteps through both audio and visual cues within the cabin.

If no immediate action is taken by the motorist, your ride will autonomously seize control of the situation. By tapping into and applying pressure to independent wheel dampers, this two-door can re-direct itself back into the safe zone.

Want to learn more about this dreamy cruiser? Contact our dealership today to speak with a representative - or, better yet, come on down to take her for a spin!
sexy 2018 infiniti q60 for sale renton bellevue washingtonPerhaps the most compelling quality in a person is that unmistakable feeling of comfort you get when you’re around them. It’s a very distinct sense that goes beyond lust or good looks — it’s more animalistic than that. If you’ve felt it, then you know what we’re talking about. If you're not sure, then prepare to experience the next closest thing when you slide into the 2018 INFINITI Q60.

Loaded with hospitality features, this performance coupe will make you feel at home behind the wheel. With a driver-oriented cockpit layout, your well-being is the top priority. Naturally-contoured ergonomic front seats were specially designed to support the motorist. Eight-way power settings and manual lumbar adjustment dials allow you to really settle in.

Premium leatherette surfaces elevate the level of elegance of the interior, providing you with luxury you can live in. Kacchu aluminum trim offers dashes of flash on the center console, instrument panel, and doors.

Meanwhile, a Dual-Zone Automatic Temperature Control system ensures you’re never too hot or cold at any given time. With the ability to personalize settings to both the operator and passengers, everyone in the car will feel taken care of.

Want to learn more? Contact our dealership today.

The sexy 2018 INFINITI Q60 was designed to perform. With multiple driving personalities, this little hot rod can turn it up and on at the push of a button. Likewise, it can slow it down for smooth, efficient commuting the same way.

Featuring a highly intelligent drive mode selector, the operator can switch up their riding style directly from the center console. The function comes with up to six options to choose from, including Standard, Sport, Sport +, Eco, Snow and Personal. So, it’s safe to say that you will never be bored behind the wheel of this luxury coupe.

Motorists can optimize their experience by selecting the characteristic that suits either the conditions outside or their driving preferences. Want to see all of the different options and their myriad benefits? Check out this video:

When you do decide on a setting, it will be displayed to you on the information dash behind the steering wheel. The best part of all is that commuters are free to change things up as often as they want in the Q60.

Want to learn more about this dynamic ride? Contact our dealership today.