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Needed a truck on a budget, got more than I bargained for.
Stopped in to check if they had a truck I looked at online a few weeks ago. When we went to take it for a test drive it had the tow package I needed. I drove it off the lot a little over an hour later. Thanks guys!
Awesome service
'These guys quickly narrowed down what I needed and within a couple of days I was driving away in the perfect truck and great price
Another amazing experience!!
A huge thank-you to Rob and his team, for once again going above and beyond the call of duty. I have recommended Rob Vanoverschot and KeyWest New Westminster to many friends and family already. From the amazing customer service, to the airport pickup, to the directions back home, I want to say thank-you from the bottom of my heart. You have made the whole buying experience a sensational one!! Even though we live in Prince George, we will only buy from KeyWest (and Rob) in the future. Highly recommended!!!
Very happy :)
Jag showed me a Ford C Max energi with amazing features and was super helpful with all of my questions. I also spoke with Nick who was very accommodating and all around helpful as well. I had a great experience going through this dealership and would definitely recommend it to others.
Perfect selsman jeff upton
I bought new car it was good experience working with JEFF UPTON he made sure to fine the best car the best price he helped me a lot with everything very good guy very friendly if someone looking too get nice car nice price Jeff is the man he is the best thank you again
No pressure, low stress experience, thank you Peter Olson
Thank you Peter Olson for making our purchase of a like new 2017 Jeep Renegade enjoyable! Peter provided answers to all our questions in an honest and genuine way, we were provided with a relaxed and comfortable test drive that allowed us to thouroughly check out our potential new vehicle. Throughout the process we never felt pressured or rushed! Once we made our decision we took the walk to the buisiness office where Michelle continued to make our experience positive, we were given information and options and Michelle worked with us to maximize our value and stay within our budget! Best experience buying a used car ever! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED,!
You are the best
Your service is excellent. I can see you're going to be a good leader. If i need another vehicle,I'll definitely come back to you.(sorry i click the wrong name,There are two Mikes.....)
Excellent service
They are very professionally knowledgable and good service! They have many inventory and it gave me lots option to select and I got my favorit truck!
Exactly what I was looking for
A brief description over text, of what I had in mind for my next car, that's all it took. The two cars Peter Olson showed me had all I expected and more. The price was surprisingly lower than I had found in ads online. There was no pressure on decision making, the salesman answered all my questions. After the second test drive, I knew that's my car. When all was done, I had 2 cars to drive home, and Peter arranged for someone to drive the second car for me. I am very happy about my one stop shop at Key West Ford.
INFINITI Profit Sharing Program In Seattle, Tacoma, And Bellevue Washington
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INFINITI car trade in program tacoma bellevue waTiming is everything. According to Do It Yourself, Washington drivers wishing to maximize their trade-in experiences must rely on more than well-maintained rides. Instead they must keep track of their calendars, with certain months yielding the biggest bang for the buck.

Critics report that timing a trade-in is crucial to achieving the best possible results - and those craving market-leading profits should schedule their appraisals around the spring and fall. Manufacturers tend to reveal their newest models during these seasons (March to May; September to November); and this causes a shift in both dealer inventories and Kelley Blue Book assessments. Overall used values increase, reflecting a rise in consumer interest. This allows for greater savings opportunities.

INFINITI of Tacoma suggests that drivers glance at their calendars now - because we’ve reached the spring season and there are profits to earn. Visit our dealership today to take advantage of our exclusive Shares Program, which utilizes Kelley Blue Book metrics to ensure the best trade-in options. We’ll provide each consumer with the service they expect and the rewards they deserve.

To schedule an on-site appraisal with our team - or to request further information about the Shares Program - contact our dealership today.

INFINITI car trade in program bellevue tacoma waAge isn’t just a number. It’s instead a collection of miles, with every car appraisal predicated on the amount of damage found beneath the hood - and understanding the correlation between make, model, and maturity proves crucial for drivers.

According to Do It Yourself, trade-in values are directly impacted by the number of miles found on the odometer. If the gauge surpasses 50,000 potential profits plummet. This is because reconditioning the engine, chassis, and other components will demand a greater amount of time (part corrosion is more common, and the block is likely to suffer from extensive wear). Dealerships will be less willing to invest their efforts into vehicles that they’ll have to, essentially, re-build.

This, Do It Yourself explains, directly impacts overall values - with sites like Kelley Blue Book (which INFINITI of Tacoma uses to base every Shares Program appraisal on) deducting dollars for each mile. To cross the 50,000 threshold greatly reduces the chance of generating a profit.

This is why critics suggest bringing any trade-in candidate to dealerships no later than the 40,000 mark. This will help to ensure premium appraisals.

Want to learn more about how mileage impacts your Shares Program experience? Contact our team today!
INFINITI car trade in program tacoma bellevue waIt’s been a steady rise - with every week revealing a new milestone, another numerical high. Washington drivers have been flocking to our dealership, wanting to experience the best in profit payouts; and we’ve seen our Shares Program grow exponentially within the last month.

INFINITI of Tacoma is thrilled to announce that we’ve just crossed the $100,000 threshold!

From March 2019 to April 2019 we’ve received a tremendous reaction from Washington consumers - with our Shares Program leaping from $70,000 to $100,000 in total payouts. This marks a milestone for our dealership, with our team never expecting such a response. We’re humbled by both the positivity and participation of drivers; and we hope this trend continues for the months to come.

Curious about our Shares Program payouts? Allow our team to explain how they work. Schedule an on-site vehicle appraisal with us at your earliest convenience, and we’ll gladly offer both Kelley Blue Book values and comprehensive information about your trade-in options. We’ll ensure that you are fully confident with the process (and we’ll even offer a seven-day fixed-rate guarantee to afford you enough time to weigh your decision).

Join the payout revolution. Visit INFINITI of Tacoma today!

INFINITI car trade in program tacoma washingtonIt’s a digital world - with critics reporting that the automotive market is dominated by online shopping and comparisons. A staggering 59% of all consumers research vehicles via their phones, relying on virtual experiences to yield the ease (and information) they crave.

INFINITI of Tacoma is ready to provide those experiences.

Curious about our Shares Program? We’ve created a bevy of online content to simplify shipping. With the press of a button potential trade-in participants can:

Read Testimonials - find first-hand accounts of this program and the profits it offers.

Count Payouts - keep track of every dollar we deliver.

Find Answers - scan our handy FAQ page for quick clarification of the most common Shares Program questions.

Schedule Appointments - contact our team to request a vehicle appraisal.

The Shares Program delivers value to Western Washington - and, when paired with our online options, it also promises convenience, allowing consumers to effortlessly access important information. Connect to the content you need to make a confident trade-in decision.

To learn more about this exclusive INFINITI of Tacoma opportunity contact us today. We’ll gladly provide further information about our appraisal process, vehicle profit potential, and more.
INFINITI car trade in program seattle bellevue waThere’s no moment to spare. Each day you follow a rigid routine - keeping pace with work obligations, family errands, and more with military precision. You have a task for every hour, and you complete them all with care: knowing that wasting even a single second would undo your entire schedule.

You don’t, therefore, have time to waste on browsing testimonials and profit payouts.

May we suggest listening to a radio ad instead?

INFINITI of Tacoma recently launched a series of advertisements, connecting our customers to the information they crave in a real-time format. Listen for these commercials while traveling throughout your day (or simply click here to play them now). They will detail our Shares Program, allowing you to quickly understand how it will simplify the trade-in process; and they’ll spare you the frustration of having to sift through countless pages of research. Prepare for an easy digital experience.

Already heard our radio ads? Ready for a sales upgrade? Contact our team today to request an on-site vehicle appraisal. We’ll happily work with your busy schedule, and we’ll strive to complete all inspections within thirty minutes to get you back onto the road.

Save time; eliminate frustration; and earn a market-leading profit.

INFINITI car trade in program seattle tacoma waReputation proves essential to the consumer experience - with 59% of drivers admitting that it ranks as the most important element of any shopping decision. They demand peerless service; they want award-winning support; and anything less leaves them unsatisfied.

INFINITI of Tacoma understands… and we’re thrilled to connect our customers to the service they expect.

With every Shares Program trade-in Washington drivers will receive the full attention of our non-commissioned staff. We’ve built a reputation of transparency, assuring that each man and woman will be completely satisfied with their automotive decisions; and we emphasize a customer-centric philosophy, striving to offer the best in on-site (and online) support.

It’s through this that we were recently named ‘2019 Luxury Dealer of the Year’ from - with our team earning recognition for their dedication to the shopping experience. Our reputation is built on service, and we’re eager to offer that to every Shares Program participant.

Visit INFINITI of Tacoma today to learn more about this exclusive opportunity - and discover the value of award-winning support. Our team will happily guide you through the appraisal process, as well as ensure you receive the best possible profits for your trade-in.

INFINITI car trade in program seattle bellevue waDisbelief defines the dealer experience - with drivers uncertain of what to trust. Past frustrations have left them wary, and it’s far easier to assume the worst.

This is was the experience of recent Shares Program participants, Margaret and Hugh Wilson: both of whom were unsure about whether they should invest their time in our dealership. When we heard the commercial on the radio, we were a little skeptical. But, after going to their website and seeing all of their customers holding their checks (and reading the reviews), we decided to make the drive from Bellevue.

The Wilsons weren’t certain whether our Shares Program would prove right for them. After receiving their seven-day guaranteed appraisal and discussing their options with our team, however, they discovered just how easy the process could be: INFINITI of Tacoma’s offer was $500 more than their competition; and then, after they sold our old car, they sent us another $952.00. Steve and all of the staff were wonderful to deal with, and we never felt pressured in any way. WILL RECOMMEND.

We worked to ensure that the Wilsons would achieve maximum value for their trade-in - and we sought to improve their shopping experience, delivering market-leading profits and seamless service.

Let us do the same for you. Contact our team today to learn more about the Shares Program!
INFINITI car trade in program tacoma bellevue waThe response has been overwhelming, with Washington drivers seeking to redefine their sales experiences. Hundreds have come to the INFINITI of Tacoma lot, craving market-leading values and cashback rewards; and we’ve offered both.

Our Shares Program has surpassed the $80,000 milestone!

INFINITI of Tacoma is thrilled to announce that our exclusive Shares Program has delivered more than $80,000 in customer payouts - and this number is poised to grow as the months continue. We’ve been humbled by the response of trade-in participants, and we’ve striven to provide them with the values they deserve, such as:

Vince Robertson: $643.84.
Michael Allen: $872.91.
Dan Chandler: $1,540.00.
Thomas Seeley: $1,289.00.

Each of these drivers received a massive Shares Program check - with our team offering them cashback values once their vehicles had sold. This was our way of thanking them for their participation, and we wish to now do the same for you.

Visit INFINITI of Tacoma today to take control of your dealer experience. Allow us to offer you a fully transparent process… and an exceptional profit.

To learn more about the Shares Program contact us today!

INFINITI car trade in program tacoma bellevue waSpring has come to Seattle - and it’s bringing trade-in profits with it. Drivers craving seasonal value will find much to celebrate with our Shares Program, discovering the market’s leading cashback opportunities and exclusive rewards.

Recent participant, Daniel Schmidt, experienced these savings first-hand: Their vehicle Shares Program paid-off big time for me! $500 more than Car-Max was willing to pay me and, after they sold my old SUV, I got another $1418.00. That’s almost 2K more than I would have gotten if I would have sold it anywhere else. Very easy process as well.

Daniel earned more than sunshine this spring. Instead he achieved massive profits - with our Shares Program easily surpassing competitor offers. We connected him to the KBB-appraisal he deserved, and we then paired that with unprecedented rewards.

Allow us to do the same for you. Schedule a consultation with our team today. We’ll gladly inspect your vehicle, generating a real-time market value that will last seven days. During that time, we'll encourage you to visit other dealerships (just like Daniel did) and compare the totals, discovering if our offer is the right one for you.

If it is, return before the seven days have passed to start the Shares Program process!

To learn more about this INFINITI of Tacoma opportunity contact us today. 
INFINITI car trade in program tacoma bellevue waThe customer experience rarely proves positive - with dealerships burdening every trade-in with an excess of contract negotiations and circular logic. Nothing is easy; everything is frustrating; and the entire process leaves drivers regretting their decisions to even leave the house.

These are the truths recently revealed by V12 Data - and their ones we wish to change.

According to analysts, drivers are tired of traditional dealer sales: with 99 out of 100 reporting that they consider it a hassle; and 59% noting that they would be more willing to purchase vehicles if the process was easier. This is why we’ve streamlined our Shares Program, assuring that our customers receive total trade-in convenience through:

Guaranteed Pricing - all appraisals are valid for seven days, ensuring that drivers have enough time to research competitor offers and determine whether they wish to continue with the process.

Vehicle Acceptance - all models are eligible for the Shares Program (as long as as they have no issues that would render them unsafe to sell or are non-cost effective).

Timely Service - the average Shares Program experience requires only 30 minutes, with our team striving to provide fast (but thorough) appraisals.

Through this, INFINITI of Tacoma redefines the trade-in process - allowing Western Washington drivers to achieve satisfaction.

To learn more about our Shares Program contact us today!
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